Size and Place in the Construction of Indigeneity in the Russian Federation

Type de publication  Journal Article
Auteur(s)  Donahoe, B.; Habeck, J.O.; Halemba, A.; Santha, I
Volume  49
Titre de la revue  Current Anthropology
Année  2008
Pages  993-1020

All-Russia CensusRights and privileges for KMN status of Far North territoriesLes critères de définition des petits peuples autochtones (territoire, autodétermination, nombre (pas plus que 50000), mode de vie traditionnel).Les cas des Altaiens, Tofa, Todju, EvenkiCritère du territoire - Appadurai appelle "the incarceration of the indigenous peuoples in the territories they inhabit", Sokolovski appelle ça "remnant of primordialist thinking... based on presumptive linkage of an ethnic group to the region of its ethnogenesis"."The threshold has created a situation in which some indigenous peoples appear to be more indigenous than others".