Symposium “Shaman: Personality, Psychophysiology, and Creativity" and Festival “Shamanism and Art”, August 2-9, 2010, Buriatia

The Organizing Committee of the International Festival “Shamanism and Art” invites you to take part in the fascinating event including:
-    academic symposium “Shaman: Personality, Psychophysiology and Creativity”,
-    practical/demonstrative part (social tailgan – shamanistic ritual (kamlanie) carried out at a sacred place of  Tunka valley Bukha-Noyon by the religious organization “Tengeri” and other shamans invited for the occa-sion),
-    film mini-festival “Shamanism: The Past and The Present”,
-    demonstration of shamanic techniques and psychotherapeutic trainings,
-    visiting the creative studio and art exhibition of artist Andrey Mikhailov at his summer house,
-    walking excursions and a bus trip across Tunka valley – ‘Siberian Switzerland’, National Park “Tunkinsky”

The festival will take place on August 2-9, 2010 in Tunka valley.

Festival organizers: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology named after N.N. Miklukho-Maklai RAS, Center for Studies of Shamanism and Other Indige-nous Spiritual Beliefs and Practices at IEA RAS (Moscow), Institute of Mongolian, Buddhism and Tibet Studies of the Siberian Branch of RAS (Ulan-Ude), Local religious community of shamans “Tengeri” (Ulan-Ude), Administration of National Park “Tunkinsky”

The festival will be held in Russian and English.

Academic symposium “Shaman: Personality, Psychophysiology, and Creativity”

The Organizing Committee proposes to carry out the symposium in a form of four round-table discussions with scheduled keynote reports and speeches and subsequent open discussions. We suggest the following topics of round-table discussions (every topic goes in line with the keynote report):

1.    SHAMAN & PRIEST: limits and peculiarities of practices, role and place in society;
2.    SHAMAN in the world of people and the world of spirits (the phenomenon of personality);
3.    SHAMAN: transformations of Soul and Body (psychophysiology of a “medium between the worlds”);
4.    SHAMAN & STORYTELLER: possibilities of “mind travel” and creative self-expression.

Time for a keynote report (with presentation) – 45 min; time for a scheduled speech – 15 min; participation at an open discussion – 5 min.
The keynote speakers and scheduled speakers will be announced on the basis of applications and abstracts received and processed by the Organizing Committee. We ask you to match the reports with the suggested topics of discussions.

 Specialists willing to take part in the symposium need to submit presentation proposals and abstracts (up to 1,000 words) till March 30.  CV of the author should be also provided.

Film directors and authors willing to participate in the mini-festival of films need to submit a proposal containing film description (the plot), film script in Eng-lish to be translated into Russian (in case the film is produced in English), technical characteristics not later than March 30, 2010. The author’s CV is to be enclosed. To publish the catalogue of films included in the programme we ask you to submit a photo of the film director and a screenshot for illustration purposes.
We draw your attention to the fact that preparation of invitations for the receipt of visa for foreign participants takes quite a long time. For this reason we ask those who require Russian visa to confirm the necessity of such a service as far in advance as possible.
The participants are welcome to express their preliminary requests regarding the organization of shamanic and psychotherapeutic trainings, propose ways of collaboration they consider the most interesting.

Please submit your topics and abstracts to Valentina Kharitonova’s e-mail address: (with the note “abstracts for symposium”).

Valentina Kharitonova,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Doctor of Science, Head of the Group of Medical Anthropology IEA RAS


Additional Information

Approximate price of participation:
-    flight ticket Moscow – Irkutsk – Moscow: from RUB 8,000 to 18,000 (depending on the date of purchase)
-    accommodation: from RUB 450 to 2,200 per day (without amenities and food / at a health resort or holiday hotel with 4 meals daily; single, double and triple rooms with various conveniences),
-    local transport rental (transfer from Irkutsk to the lodging and back, a bus to/from the place of shamanic ritual (kamlanie))
-    excursion trip: RUB 500
-    Organization fee: € 200 (for foreigners)
-    Visa support – preparing an invitation on behalf of organizers (for for-eigners): € 25

/ Cost of shamanic and psychotherapeutic trainings is calculated separately for volunteers; for those who do not participate in trainings additional walking ex-cursions and trips to the unique places of ‘Siberian Switzerland’ will be organized (including waterfalls, mineral springs, sacred places).   

The location of the event - National Park “Tunkinsky” – is one of the most picturesque places in Buryatia situated at the border with Mongolia. It is in this area where a well known health resort with mineral springs is located (at the terri-tory of health resorts “Sayany” and “Arshan” there are 7 mineral springs; health and recreation activities are available if desired). Along the park territory there are dead volcanoes Khuray-Boldok and Shandagataisky, waterfalls at Kingarga river; Buddhistic temple “Bodkhidkharma”, various sacred destinations etc. For more de-taileda information on the park “Tunkinsky” see:

Please, get in touch with the Organising Committee for any further information : – Valentina Kharitonova – Valentina Kharitonova – Anna Ozhiganova – Alexandra Kurlenkova (secretary)

+7(495)938-51-72 (Tuesday, Thursday) – Organising Committee