La Kunstkamera (Saint-Pétersbourg) met en ligne 40000 images cataloguées


Le catalogue en anglais est accessible ici:

Description du projet:

"The online catalog contains images from the collections of MAE. Illustrative Fund (hereinafter - IF) of MAE is one of the most significant archival collections in Russia, consisting of photo prints, glass plates, negative and positive films, postcards, sketches and other materials which constitute a valuable visual anthropology source describing peoples of the world since the mid 9th century till nowadays.

During the first phase of the project (2008-2009) 40 thousand of most valuable units of IF have been digitized and described in Russian and English languages. The online catalog provides access to IF for wide range of users. The catalog is powered with full-text search and search across the fields of image description, image zoom, etc.

Advantages of registered users Registered users have significant advantages – they can do social tagging (add keywords to an image), create and store their own page with favorite images, and order these images. Please mind that keywords undergo examination of moderator before publication."