Parution du nouveau numéro de Anthropology of East Europe Review : Vol. 28, No.2 (2010)

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Table des matières :


Olga Povoroznyuk, Joachim Otto Habeck, and Virginie Vate

Introduction: On the Definition, Theory and Practice of Gender Shift in
the North of Russia

Piers Vitebsky

From Materfamilias to Dinner-Lady: The Administrative Destruction of
the Reindeer Herder?s Family Life

Elena Liarskaya

Women and the Tundra: Is There a Gender Shift on Yamal?

Petra Rethmann

Domesticity, Gender, and Change in Northern Kamchatka

John P. Ziker

Changing Gender Roles and Economies in Taimyr

Tatiana Safonova and Istvan Santha

Gender Distinctions in an Egalitarian Society: The Case of Evenki
People of the Baikal Region

Lilia Vinokurova

Yakutia's Men Today: Widowing Wives and Longing for Life?

Meri Kulmala

Women Rule This Country?: Women's Community Organizing and Care in Rural

Natalia Pushkareva

Methods and Approaches in Research on the Changing Gender System in the
North and Northwestern Regions of the Russian Federation

Elena Zdravomyslova

Working Mothers and Nannies: Commercialization of Childcare and
Modifications in the Gender Contract (A Sociological Essay)

Aimar Ventsel

Hidden Sex and the Ordinary Youth: The Dolgan Way of Maintaining a Good
Family Reputation

Tatiana Barchunova

Shift-F2: Female-to-Female Intimacy Offline and Online (Krasnoiarsk and
Novosibirsk cases)

Open Forum section articles:

Amir Hodzic

Queer Migration In & Out of Croatia: Waitressing is an Awful Job when
you're Queer in a Straight Bar

Dmytro Zaiets

Contemporary Public Art in the City Space of Kharkiv

Book Reviews:

Sarajevo: A Bosnian Kaleidoscope, by Fran Markowitz (reviewed by
Larisa Kurtovic)

The Old Faith and the Russian Land, by Douglas Rogers (reviewed by Luis

Postsocialist Europe: Perspectives from Home, ed. Laszlo Kurti and Peter
Skalnik (reviewed by Ingo Schroder)

The Captive and the Gift, by Bruce Grant (reviewed by Erik R. Scott)

Response to Paul Manning?s review of Ethnography and Folklore of the
Georgia-Chechnya Border, by Shorena Kurtsikidze and Vakhtang Chikovani