The Return to Hospitality: Strangers, Guests and Ambiguous Encounters

Type de publication  Book
Auteur(s)  Candea, E.b.M.; Col, G.d.
Titre de la série  Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute
Année  2012
Volume  18

The last decade has witnessed an interdisciplinary resurgence of interest in the topic of hospitality and the ambiguous figures of the stranger and the parasite. This volume aims to put hospitality back on the anthropological agenda, by presenting ethnographically grounded, theoretically innovative engagements reflecting a broad geographic and thematic range. From Tibetan poisoners-parasites to ghostly visitors in Laos, from astronauts' handshakes in outer space to Amazonian pet-guests and from the irreverence and wit of Afghan traders to law-defying hosts in Corsica, the articles in this volume offer hospitality as a heuristic for rethinking alterity and humanity. 



Preface (pages Siii–Siv) - Matei Candea and Giovanni da Col

 The return to hospitality (pages S1–S19) - MATEI CANDEA and GIOVANNI DA COL

 Breaking hospitality apart: bad hosts, bad guests, and the problem of sovereignty (pages S20–S33) - ANDREW SHRYOCK

 Derrida en Corse? Hospitality as scale-free abstraction (pages S34–S48) - MATEI CANDEA

 Making guests, making ‘liveliness’: the transformative substances and sounds of Manggarai hospitality (pages S49–S62) - CATHERINE ALLERTON

 Hospitality and tone: holding patterns for strangeness in rural Mongolia (pages S63–S75) - CAROLINE HUMPHREY

 Arresting hospitality: the case of the ‘handshake in space’ (pages S76–S89) - DEBBORA BATTAGLIA

Visitors from hell: transformative hospitality to ghosts in a Lao Buddhist festival (pages S90–S102) - PATRICE LADWIG

 The captive guest: spider webs of hospitality among the Nuosu of Southwest China (pages S103–S116) - KATHERINE SWANCUTT

 Fatal embrace: trading in hospitality on the frontiers of South and Central Asia (pages S117–S130) - MAGNUS MARSDEN

 Parasitic Chinese, vengeful Russians: ghosts, strangers, and reciprocity in Mongolia (pages S131–S144) - GREGORY DELAPLACE

The experimental hut: hosting vectors (pages S145–S160) - ANN H. KELLY 

‘Luck in the double focus’: ritualized hospitality in Melanesia (pages S161–S174) - ROY WAGNER

The poisoner and the parasite: cosmoeconomics, fear, and hospitality among Dechen Tibetans (pages S175–S195) - GIOVANNI DA COL

The friend, the enemy, and the anthropologist: hostility and hospitality among the Parakanã (Amazonia, Brazil) (pages S196–S209) - CARLOS FAUSTO

Afterword: reciprocating the hospitality of these pages (pages S210–S217) - MICHAEL HERZFELD