A Sheep Herder's Rage. Silence and Grief in Contemporary Mongolia

Type de publication  Journal Article
Auteur(s)  Delaplace, G.
Volume  74
Titre de la revue  Ethnos
Année  2009
Fascicule  4
Pages  514-534

This paper explores the role of silence in contemporary rural Mongolia’s mourning practices. It shows how silence may come as a response to the expression of extreme grief, when the mourner’s behaviour goes beyond the frame of conventional mourning practices. Analysing the collective responses to a man’s expression of extreme grief, this paper argues that mourning practices might not always be intended to make death meaningful: faced with the rage provoked by some particularly unbearable losses, there might be nothing else to do than to say nothing, do nothing, and give up on meaning.

URL  http://www.academia.edu/645902/A_sheep_herders_rage._Silence_and_grief_in_contemporary_Mongolia

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