60e Meeting annuel de la PIAC - changements

Le 60e meeting annuel de la Permanent International Altaistic Conference se tiendra du 27 août au 1er septembre 2017 à Székesfehérvár en Hongrie, et non à Paris comme précédemment annoncé. Il est impératif de signaler sa volonté de participer avant le 20 février. De plus amples informations ci-dessous.



Freie Universität Berlin • Institut für Turkologie • Fabeckstr. 23-25 • D 14195 Berlin • Germany

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First Circular

February 2, 2017


Dear Colleague,


Much to my regret, I have to inform you that the 60th Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (2017) cannot take place in Poligny and Paris as originally planned. For health reasons our colleague Prof. Dr. Alexander Vovin is forced to cancel. He firmly intends to organize the PIAC Meeting in France in one of the coming years.


At this time, I can provide you with the good news that with my strong persuasion – and on extremely short notice – our colleague Dr. Ákos Bertalan Apatóczky (Budapest) has kindly consented to step in as president and organize the 2017 PIAC Meeting in the lovely town of Székesfehérvár (70 km from Budapest, 100 km from Budapest airport). The original date of the meeting remains – August 27 to September 1, 2017. The hosting institution is Károli University (Budapest). The central theme has been changed to Ideas behind symbols – languages behind scripts.


At this point, Ákos Bertalan Apatóczky and I would like to invite you to join the 60th Annual Meeting of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference to be held in Székesfehérvár. If you wish to participate, please inform the Secretary General (PIAC, Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Turkologie, Fabeckstr. 23-25, D 14195 Berlin, Germany; email: heinkele@zedat.fu-berlin.de) by February 20, 2017. Please, add your full name and full postal address.


The 2nd Circular will be sent only to those who request it. It will give details on abstract submission and registration fee as well as accommodation and transport options. Even if you communicated your intention to participate in the 60th Annual Meeting of the PIAC at an earlier date, it is absolutely necessary that you do so again, so that we can send you the Second Circular with the details on the Székesfehérvár Meeting.


We very much hope you will be able to attend, and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, Ákos Bertalan Apatóczky

Secretary General, PIAC President of the 60th Meeting