Shaman and Bear: Siberian prehistory in two Middle Chulym texts

Type de publication  Book Chapter
Auteur(s)  Anderson, G.D.S.; Harrison, K.D.
Titre de l'ouvrage  Languages and Prehistory of Central Siberia
Editeur(s)  Vajda, Edward
Année  2004
Lieu de publication  Amsterdam
Maison d'édition  John Benjamins
Pages  179-198

This brief communiqué, discussing a recently recorded text in the Middle Chulym language, is offered as homage to the great Siberianist A. P. Dulson. While a new chapter is opening up in the history of the study of the Middle Chulym language, the present authors feel indebted and a tremendous respect for the trailblazing work begun by Professor Dulson (and continued by his student R. M. Birjukovich), without whose pioneering efforts much of what is known about the vanishing and fascinating Middle Chulym language, and in turn about Siberian prehistory, would simply not be possible.